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Shower cabins

Wardrobe /interior partitioning sliding door

If you’re looking for a more modern look, glass doors can make your closet look stylish.

Sliding door systems can be used in many ways, helping to optimize space and to use furniture creatively.

Reliable quality, safe design and customizable options for your home. Contemporary room separators allow you to separate space without sacrificing natural light or interior aesthetics. Modern glass doors can transform any room quickly and easily.

Sliding doors are ideal for wardrobes/dressings as they allow easy access to everything inside, plus stacking options to the right, to the left or even in the center, so you can reach comfortably everywhere inside. The stylish aluminium frames always retain their shape over time and add value to every room in the house.

Like all our solutions, each one is customizable to meet the specific requirements of your project.


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