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Shower cabins

* Shower cabins have no tub.

Our shower cabins have the advantage of being customizable, offering the bathroom a contemporary design with the perfect technological solution: shower cabins with hinged doors have doors that open outwards or inwards, while shower cabins with sliding doors are very suitable in small bathrooms.

The fixing accessories used are made of strong, tested and certified materials, which integrate perfectly with the glass.

Depending on the location of the shower cabin, both its shape and size will be chosen.

We work with our customers individually, adapting our products to suit the needs of each living space. We offer alternative glass options and solutions to suit every project, ensuring customers can make a choice according to their needs.

Corner shower cabins, square or rectangular shower cabins made of safety or laminated glass, treated with anti-limescale can be executed.

We use clear glass, anti-limescale glass, satin glass, smoked glass or bronze glass. Shower cabins can be sandblasted in a custom pattern.

The shower cabin has perfectly glossy polished edges and it includes all the necessary accessories: fine and glossy profile with silicone seal, 45 degrees adjustable stabilizer bar / 90 degrees straight bar, quality stainless steel hardware, double hinges.

* Shower cabins have no tub.

Shower cabin models

Clear glass model
Sandblasted glass model
Grey tinted glass model
Custom sandblasted glass model

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