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Glass railings have become increasingly used by architects and not only, being obvious details for the aesthetic line of a house. They can be installed both inside and outside the building and the effect is equally elegant in both cases.

A glass railing is mounted on an aluminium profile, which is the only element that holds the glass in place. Classical elegance, stability and durability – these are some of the features that make these railings stand out.  

The glass panels used for railings can be clear or colored (smoky, black, green, gray) or customized at the customer’s request and to perfectly complement the already existing design elements.

Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your living area. Unlike wood, the glass is easy to clean and requires no annual maintenance. The glass is also environmentally friendly, recyclable and has no harmful chemical emissions.

 Advantages of glass railings: 

  1. Beautifying effect on the building – They add a sophisticated and elegant touch to any house or building. Moreover, if you have a beautiful landscape outside or a garden, the glass lets you fully enjoy the beautiful view.
  2. Illusion of more space – It gives the illusion that you have more space, because glass increases brightness inside the house. The transparency of this material helps quite a bit in the propagation of artificial light, thus making your space appear larger than it is.
  3. Design versatility – It is easier to combine glass with many other materials from your building. It is very versatile, so it is available in different colours, textures and framing options. Glass is always the perfect option, regardless of the interior design of the building.
  4. Durability – Many believe that the glass is fragile, but, on the contrary, it is an extremely durable construction material, it ages slowly, so changes over time are barely noticeable. Glass panes and aluminium systems are corrosion-resistant materials with a long service life. This means your glass railing needs virtually no maintenance to keep it looking the same as the day it was installed.

Included services: Technical advice, measurements, certified products and assembly regardless of project size.

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