Accesorii balustrade interioare si exterioare — Gridoma

Railing fastening systems

1.Lateral clamping railing system

This system fixes the glass in the profile with a compression bar and does not require the use of an ornamental cap; the profile is anodized.

  • With 4 types of handrails, this system provides originality and identity specific to the design you want.
  • Type of glass: 8.2.8 mm laminated or safety glass.
2.Button type railing system

  • It is a point-side attachment system for interior and exterior glass railings, ideal for staircases.
  • This system is recommended for projects where, from a visual point of view, the minimum presence of hardware and maximum presence of glass are desired.
3.Floor-mounted rectangular-spigot system

TThe system is fixed on the floor, with tightening parts that allow the passage of water, being ideal for areas incorporating swimming pools.

  • Material: stainless steel
  • Finish: matte
  • Glass thickness: 12 mm
  • Includes mask cover
4.Floor-fixing railing system

The floor-fixing supporting system of the glass panes, being made of aluminium, gives a special appearance by strongly contrasting with the apparent fragility of the glass.

With 3 variants of ornamental caps and 4 types of handrails, the system confers originality and a specific identity to the design you want.

5.Floor-mounted railing system

The glass railing model, with its aluminium profile fixed to the floor, provides maximum safety and guaranteed durability, without any compromise in terms of special looks and transparency that provides for an unlimited panorama.

This elegant railing system gives the building a personalized look.

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