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Interior railings

A frameless glass railing can provide additional light to any interior area as well as adding the illusion of space, ideal for both small and large hallways.

Glass railings have enabled designers and homeowners to create large, open interior spaces that give homes a light, airy, spacious feel – without compromising safety.

Glass stairs deserve to be one of the highlights of your home, so make sure you give this area of your home the attention it deserves by considering this piece of architectural design.

  • Glass used: laminated or safety glass
  • Thicknesses: 55.2(10 mm), 66.2 (12 mm) or 88.2 (16 mm)
  • Glass colours: clear, smoky, grey, greenish, sandblasted
1.Clamped embedded railing

A built-in glass railing offers a simple style with clean, defined and elegant lines. It enhances the appearance not only of the hall, but of the entire house.

For a more elegant look, you can pair the glass with wooden steps.

2.Frameless railing

Eliminating frames and posts entirely is a state-of-the-art alternative that results in a spectacular centerpiece for an ultra-modern style home.

3.Slim U-profile railing

One of the thinnest profiles on the market and also the most cost-effective solution for an adjustable aluminium railing channel.

The main feature of the Slim systems is that it allows the glass to be adjusted from one side.

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