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Exterior railings

Glass railings give balcony owners a wonderful view of their outdoor living space and are very safe for both children and pets.


  • Compared to hardwood railings, glass railings do not need to be treated, stained or painted to maintain their durability This is a very important advantage, because balconies are exposed to a lot of sun, rain and other weather conditions that can damage wooden railings, but not glass railings.

The only thing that glass railings require is regular cleaning

  • Glass panes will not corrode when exposed to water or other weather conditions. Most glass railings are made from thick glass, which means they won’t crack, break or deteriorate from everyday stressors. If you are looking for exterior railings with high durability and low maintenance, glass railings are probably an option for you.

The exterior railing can be:

  • One-sided
  • With two sides
  • With three sides
  • With four sides
  • With five sides

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